Nora Leilani Juliette Duffy-Iosefa


Environmental and Community Development Expert ,
Duffy Environmental Consultant


I have worked in the field of environment for over 15 years started
1997-2004 worked for the Government of Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Principal Capacity Building Officer), lead environmental trainings, awareness and communication programmes
2004-2008 UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme Manager (Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau) covering 5 GEF Focal Areas of Biodiversity, Climate Change and Adaptation, International Waters, Land Degradation, and Persistent Organic Pollutants. Worked with grassroot level with Civil Society Groups (village communities, NGOs, Women, Youth, Faith Based Groups)
late 2008 - 2016 Conservation International from 2008-2013 I worked as the Regional Programme Manager for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (22 PICs), 2013- 2016 Terrestrial Director worked in Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Biodiversity Conservation Management;
mid 2016 to present - Consultant World Bank Project - PPCR Enhancing Community Resilience.

Qualifications and credentials
Bacherlor Environmental Education, 1993-1996, Completed, Deakin University
Master Environmental Studies, 2002, Completed, University South Pacific
Postgraduate Certificate, January - May 2004, Completed, Brown University
Invasive Species Management - Invasive Species Lead Action, 16 - 27 July, 2009, Completed, University of the South Pacific
MIRADI - Open Standard Training, 5-9 December 2015, Completed, Bush Heritage - Australia
Samoan, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent
English, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent
Work experience
Gender mainstreaming
Knowledge management specialist
Community development specialist
Proposal writing/Report writing
Capacity building specialist
Conservation - Biodiversity
UNDP, GEF-Small Grants Programme Sub-Regional Coordinator, Matautu-uta SAMOA
Polynesian - Micronesian Ecosystem Profiling, Critical Ecosystem Partership Fund, Project Manager, SAMOA, Manage CEFP Fund - Grant making to 14 Pacific Island Countries Monitoring of Grant Disbursement and Project Implementation by Countries Biodiversity
Rapid Biodiversity Assessment of Upland Areas in Upolu and Savaii, 2014, Government Samoa - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Project Manager, SAMOA, Implementaion of the 2014 Upland BIORAPsurvey for Upolu and Savaii under MNRE ICRRIFS Project Prepare Report on the BIORAP include: Reptile Survey, Av
Widening Engagement Stakeholder in REDD+ for Vanuatu, Live and Learn Vanuatu, Project Manager, Vanuatu, Stakeholder Engagement Plan for Civil Society Capacity Building Program on REDD+ Production of Communication Materials - Key Messaging, Media and Awar
Pilot Programme Climate Resilience - Enhancing Community Resilience, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Climate Resilience Team Leader, SAMOA, Conduct Community Integrated Management Plans (CIMPs) 16 DIstrict Consultations Write-up of the updated CIMPs based on consultations, site assessments
Lessons Learned Biodiversity Conservation, Conservation International,