Ofeira Vitoria Faasau-Morjaan


Ofeira Vitoria Faasau-Morjaan
Environment and Social Safeguards Consultant ,
Grace Consulting


With a passion deeply rooted in the harmonious balance between development and environmental stewardship, Ms. Ofeira stands as a vanguard for integrating Environmental and Social Safeguards into every facet of project lifecycle—from conception to operation. Her extensive academic background, boasting a Master’s Degree in Engineering for Environmental Management and Design Planning, along with a Bachelor of Planning (HON) in Town Planning, provides a robust theoretical foundation for her pragmatic approach to sustainable development.
Boasting over two decades of experience, Ms. Ofeira is a seasoned expert in environmental and social management, offering a wealth of knowledge in resource management planning, project coordination and management, and socio-economic surveying. She brings a seasoned perspective to the projects she engages with, having successfully managed and coordinated multi-million-dollar initiatives funded by prestigious entities such as the World Bank, NZ Aid, UNDP, ADB, GCF, EU, SPREP, and the Japanese Embassy in Samoa.
Her career highlights include steering eminent government projects with budgets ranging up to ST$270 million, both in Samoa and on an international scale. Each project under her wing was brought to fruition, meeting and often exceeding donor expectations and fiduciary requirements— a testament to her acumen and dedication to excellence.
Ms. Ofeira's professional interests are a reflection of her commitment to the craft, with a primary focus on Environmental Management, Social Safeguards, Project Design, Resource Management Planning, and Project Management. With her combined expertise and achievements, Ms. Ofeira endeavors to pave the way towards sustainable development practices that don't just protect but enhance the environment and the communities that weave their existence within it.