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Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative @ Pacific Islands Climate Science Center


Patrick Grady is a highly qualified Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst with 15+ years of experience within the GIS, Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) fields. A broad spectrum of project experience ranging from climate change, renewable and conventional energy utilities, environmental, natural resource management, threatened species, wildfire and ecological modeling and analysis has provided me a well rounded skill set. These experiences within both the public and private sectors make me a fully qualified and ideal candidate for a wide variety of positions within the Geospatial industry. My experiences working for multiple agencies within these vastly different sectors has provided me with an extremely solid and diversified background working with data in a variety of formats, projections and file types while adhering to individual agency standards. Through these experiences I have developed a unique skill set focused on the entire life cycle of geospatial data. This diverse skill set involves an in depth process which includes design and development of GPS data dictionaries, field survey data collection, data processing, analysis, management, serving, maintenance and archiving. Data development and progression also involves software, hardware and data structure compatibility as well as coordination of research and development of alternative or superior data analyses, inventories, techniques and protocols. My distinct career has given me the opportunity to develop the ability to efficiently oversee and manage project funding, internal and external staff, in house applications, staff training, technical support and trouble shooting tasks and knowledge transfer through such mediums as websites, newsletters and list services.

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English, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent
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Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative @ Pacific Islands Climate Science Center, GIS & Data Manager, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA