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  • I am a lawyer by profession and is currently the People’s Lawyer for Tuvalu. I holds a Master of Law in Government and Regulation from the Australia National University, Professional Diploma in Legal Drafting (PDLD), Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (PDLP) and BA/LLB degree from University of the South Pacific .

    I have been practiced as a lawyer in Tuvalu for more than 10 years. For 6 years, I worked as a government lawyer in the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) of Tuvalu and then as the People’s Lawyer in the Office of the People’s Lawyer (OPL).

    In the OAG, I worked as a government litigator, prosecutor, legal drafter and represented the Government in national and international conferences.

    As the People’s Lawyer I became both the public solicitor and defender and also managed the OPL. I involved in alternative dispute resolution settlements and work directly with the people. I also conducted public education and awareness for the people and capacity building for OPL staff.

  • I have worked in the field of environment for over 15 years started
    1997-2004 worked for the Government of Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Principal Capacity Building Officer), lead environmental trainings, awareness and communication programmes
    2004-2008 UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme Manager (Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau) covering 5 GEF Focal Areas of Biodiversity, Climate Change and Adaptation, International Waters, Land Degradation, and Persistent Organic Pollutants. Worked with grassroot level with Civil Society Groups (village communities, NGOs, Women, Youth, Faith Based Groups)
    late 2008 - 2016 Conservation International from 2008-2013 I worked as the Regional Programme Manager for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (22 PICs), 2013- 2016 Terrestrial Director worked in Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Biodiversity Conservation Management;
    mid 2016 to present - Consultant World Bank Project - PPCR Enhancing Community Resilience.

  • Public Health, WASH and Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist
    Independent consultant

    Broadly experienced international development practitioner specialising in thematic areas such as environmental and public health interventions including on water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) specialist. With a diverse background across program/project management, strategy, policy, and research in water, sanitation and hygiene including in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. I would like to express my interest for relevant short term consultancy opportunities with the Pacific Climate Change Portal.

  • I own and manage a very successful, Samoa-based ICT consultancy firm with a proven track record in successfully leading large complex ICT projects in Samoa. Bitsolution delivers practical methodologies and world-class solutions for all our clients. My team at Bitsolution has a combined total of 30+years working experience in ICT and have developed various databases, websites, web-based system/platform for various sectors inclusive infrastructure, livelihood (e.g. agriculture, fisheries) and others (i.e. parliamentary, statistics etc). We have proven experience and skills in knowledge management systems and software; SQL; Access and other IT software(s). I have excellent communication skills as I am a qualified trainer for the Samoa In-country Training Programme (GoSamoa, Australia initiative) and conduct regular training(s) for various stakeholders in the area of ICT & specific issues (e.g. ICT & governance; ICT & private sector;ICT & people with disabilities; ICT & communities etc).

  • Fifteen years managing development finance in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific and six years in small island developing states. Expert building country systems and partnerships for development. Climate change, resilience building, infrastructure, gender equality, blue/green economy, public health, education and governance program experience.

    Candidate in Master of Business Administration, USP RMI, (4 more courses needed)
     Master of Legal Studies in International and Environmental Law, Australian National University 2002
     Certificate in World Affairs, East West Center University of Hawaii, 2004
     Certificate Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Studies, Waikato University, 1998
     Bachelor’s of Arts Natural Sciences, University of Hawaii at Hilo, 1994-1997

     Legal Drafting, Parliament Sponsored Workshop, 2006
     International Treaty Negotiations, SPREP, 2005
     Strategic Planning, held in Guam USA, 2006
     Budget/Financial Preparations, Majuro 2005
     Environmental and Sustainable Development Project Design
     Greenhouse gas inventory, Fiji 1998
    COUNTRIES OF WORK EXPERIENCE: Republic of Marshall Islands, Pacific and International

    Positions Held





  • Key Qualifications:M.Sc. in Environmental Studies and 8 years of experience in project management and grant writing; Expertise in climate change adaptation and renewable energy issues and policy in the Pacific Islands. Current Position: Climate Change Advisor, SPC :- Advisor for a €11.4 million European Union funded climate change adaption project being implemented in nine Pacific Island nations; - Lead project activities in the countries of Kiribati, Tuvalu, and Tonga, including designing, implementing and reporting on €0.5 million on-the-ground sectoral projects, in the fields of agro-forestry, environmental health, and coastal protection;- Enable mainstreaming climate change into national policies, such developing the Tuvalu Agricultural Marketing Plan;- Support country preparedness for climate financing by facilitating use of country procurement and finance procedures where possible;- Lead a Pacific-wide initiative to disinfect water using UV light

  • I have over 20 years experience in the field of environmental science; specifically focusing on impact assessments of developments in the areas of infrastructure and energy. My expertise although specifically in the area of geology has expanded to cover community development as the study of EIA now encompasses both environmental and social factors of affected communities. My strength in conducting EIA is based on my great understanding of natural processes through the study of geology which allows me to suggest timely mitigation measures to minimize identified impacts of the project on the environment. My working experiences in the petroleum industry gave me great understanding of their operational procedures and likely impacts of fume and leakages on the environment, especially the groundwater lens. My clients range from national (i.e. Tonga) ministries and corporations to regional and international agencies

  • Charlotte is a highly accomplished, skilled and talented development professional with over a decade of experience in international development in 20 countries worldwide. She has a proven track record of providing strategic and programming direction to organisations to develop, implement and monitor policies, strategies, campaigns and programs to build gender-sensitive community resilience. She is an excellent educator and communicator of development theory and practice to a variety of stakeholders including government officials, non-governmental staff and partners, communities, academics, and other groups. She is co-author of Toward Resilience (Practical Action, 2013), a practitioner’s guide to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation programming and advocacy, which integrates gender throughout; and has developed a range of participatory risk assessment tools and guidance for working with poverty-affected and vulnerable communities.

  • Environment & development consultant with 10 years’ experience in 7 sectors in 16 countries, including 10 Caribbean & Pacific SIDS. Key highlights:

    2014 Climate Change Project Officer, The Australian National University
    2013-2014 Sustainable Financing Consultant, Cuso International
    2013 Marine Protected Areas Expert, GOPA Consultants
    2012-2013 Policy Research Manager, Caribbean Policy Research Institute
    2012 Executive Director/Park Manager (World Heritage Site), Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust
    2011 Climate Change Consultant, Environmental Solutions Ltd
    2011-2012 Environmental Project Manager, Conrad Douglas & Associates Ltd
    2007-2009 Environment & Sustainable Development Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Currently self-directing PhD research into climate change adaptation in SIDS. Seeking to use my qualifications & skills to help limit human-induced climate change, & ensure that adaptation actions in SIDS meet their development & resilience needs & goals.

  • For fifteen years Julie has supported governments, communities, NGOs, and humanitarian organisations across the Pacific, Asia and Australia to address climate change through their policy, project and program work. Her specialties are adaptation, resilience and gender. She has expertise in research, writing and analysis. She also has substantial expertise in developing and delivering tailored training packages and developing targeted and practical communication materials, guidelines and toolkits for diverse audiences. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills and substantial experience in mentoring, capacity building and leadership. She has a Masters in Sustainability from Murdoch University and is completing a Master of Climate Change from the Australian National University.

  • My area of expertise is in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering specializing in;
    • water resources engineering and integrated management,
    • civil and environmental engineering design of infrastructures,
    • environmental risk assessment and minimization, climate change analysis,
    • urban hydrology, water demand forecasting and allocation framework,
    • hydrological, hydraulic and watershed modelling,
    • system dynamic and model development.
    Qualifications: Ph.D (Env Eng). University of Melbourne (UoM), Australia, ME. The University of Auckland, BE. Unitec Institute of Tech
    Employment History:

    HARC, Melbourne
    Senior Water Resources Engineer – Candor3 Ltd, NZ, 2014 – Present.
    Quest Lecturer – Unitec Institute of Technology, NZ, 2014 – Present.
    Research Fellow: UoM, Australia, 2014.
    Fellow/Lecturer: BYU, USA, 2012 – 2013.
    Water Resources Engineer: Division of Water Resources, Utah, USA, 2013 – 2014.
    Tutor: UoM, 2008 - 2010.
    Env Engineer: Wood & Partners Consultants Ltd, 2007.