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  • Leanne has 25 years of experience designing and coordinating the successful delivery of projects all over the world in the Pacific, Caribbean, and Southeast Asia, including tracking the implementation of projects to drive successful outcomes. She has a background in natural resource management (community-based conservation and livelihoods), disaster risk management, and adaptation and resilience.

    Leanne has worked with a range of government, multi-lateral donor, regional development, local government, and non-government organizations. She has worked as a strategic and reserves planner for the New Zealand Department of Conservation; a Community Development Officer in the Preah Sihanouk UNDP national park project in Cambodia; and spent half her working life working with the UNDP Global Environment Facility (GEF) on the large and Small Grants Programmes (SGP). Initially with the SGP in the Eastern Caribbean, later in the Pacific with co-financing from NZ MFAT and Australia DFAT, and subsequently managing the introduction and implementation of climate change adaptation funding for all SIDS eligible for SGP grants. Leanne has also worked as part of the three-person project management unit for the GEF/SOPAC Integrated Water Resource Management programme in the Pacific. She has also worked on the EU-funded Caribbean Regional Environment Programme establishing amenity areas including design and participatory monitoring frameworks as well as conducting regular monitoring during implementation.

    As Senior International Programmes Manager for Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change Adaptation & Humanitarian Response in the Pacific and South Asia, administered by Save the Children New Zealand (SCNZ), Leanne co-designed projects, co-developed monitoring frameworks, conducted regular monitoring and reporting, and facilitated mid-term reviews and external evaluations for SCNZ’s resilience programming. She represented SCNZ on the National Disaster Relief Forum (2016 & 2020); represented SCNZ on the SC International Global DRR technical working group; Pacific DRR technical working group; Asia Regional Office Climate Change DRR technical working group; and the MFAT NZ DRR Working Group. She currently leads monitoring and evaluation for the MFAT Africa Geothermal Facility to ensure the Facility meets targets and advises sub-contractors on developing aligned impact measurement frameworks.

    Her experience in the Pacific includes work in Fiji, Tuvalu, Nauru, Kiribati, Samoa, Niue, and the Cook Islands, among others. She has worked from the policy/government to the NGO, CSO and community level and is an advocate of approaches that build local capability and foster local leadership and engagement at all levels.

    Leanne has experience in the local context of climate change on Tuvalu: she served as the lead consultant in the Early Warning Early Action project by the IFRC Climate Center 2021 - 2022, conducting research, working with local research teams (remotely), and producing final reports for Tuvalu and Palau. She has also supported Tuvalu counterparts in her regional coordination roles on the GEF IWRM project, GEF SGP, and MFAT Pacific Environment Fund. Leanne understands the reality of human resource limitations within the Tuvalu government, the critical role NGO stakeholders play in resilience and adaptation in Tuvalu, as well as the challenges of communication and travel to the outer islands. Leanne will bring her skills in successfully implementing and tracking programmes, her experience in the Pacific and her many years of experience in international development to support the team in the development of Tuvalu’s National Adaptation Plan.

  • Over 20 years’ experience working on climate change and disaster risk reduction issues with communities, governments and international entities. Much of my work focused on building the capacities and capabilities to address adverse impacts of climate change and disaster risk reduction issues at the national, regional and international levels and in assisting countries mobilise financial, technical and human resources to implement and manage climate change activities, projects and programmes.

    I have particular experience in conducting stakeholder consultations with villages/ communities, national governments and with international community organisations. I have especial skill/know-how in preparing technical and policy documents and reports relating to climate change issues and concerns. I have assisted Pacific islands countries in developing project proposals for funding and implementation of projects including Pacific Islands Climate Change Assistance Programme, national communications, national adaptation programmes of action, vulnerability and adaptation assessment, national and regional adaptation and disaster risk reduction projects, adaptation policies and/or strategies (see CV attached).

    I also have experience in developing a policy and/or a policy framework such as NAPA, International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative, Pilot Programme on Climate Resilience, and Strategic Programme on Climate Resilience, Pacific Adaptation Strategies Assistance Programme, national and regional Global Climate Change Alliance programmes on adaptation and based on stakeholder engagement/consultations.

    I have a good knowledge and high level of familiarity and understandings of the Pacific small island developing states government system having lived in and worked in and for the region for more than three decades. Additionally I have undertaken mentoring work with various experts with each of the countries through capacity building and training on various aspects of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. I have a have a good command of English (oral and written) and a good level of understanding of some of the local languages.

    I have the necessary track record of achievements, experience and skills to provide scientific and technical assistance and policy guidance to the Pacific SIDS. and others on climate change activities, projects and programmes.