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  • Raya Salter is an energy law, policy and regulation lawyer and professor working with governments, private companies, institutions and NGOs, in
    domestic and international jurisdictions to advance a transition from fossil fuel to clean and renewable power. She is an expert on utility and energy sector reform and energy law and policy with a focus on grid modernization and clean energy integration. Ms. Salter's practice is focused on Hawaii and Pacific islands.

    Raya has 10 years of experience as an attorney. This includes NGOs, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund, where she advocated for clean energy policy and utility reform in 9 states. Ms. Salter also worked in private with the firm of Dewey & LeBeouf in New York City, working on utility mergers and acquisitions and energy regulation. Raya has a JD from Fordham Law School and a BA in economics from Wesleyan University. She is also a Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham Law School.

  • Public Health, WASH and Disaster Risk Reduction Specialist
    Independent consultant

    Broadly experienced international development practitioner specialising in thematic areas such as environmental and public health interventions including on water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) specialist. With a diverse background across program/project management, strategy, policy, and research in water, sanitation and hygiene including in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. I would like to express my interest for relevant short term consultancy opportunities with the Pacific Climate Change Portal.

  • Fifteen years managing development finance in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific and six years in small island developing states. Expert building country systems and partnerships for development. Climate change, resilience building, infrastructure, gender equality, blue/green economy, public health, education and governance program experience.

  • Environmental Engineer, Waste to Energy Engineer
    Pro-Tek (Xiamen) Electroplating Development Ltd.; Top Recycle Electricity and Energy Taiwan

    Since 2005, Design, built and operate 10,000 T per year waste oil biodiesel plant, Xiamen, China.
    2012-2014, McDonald China, Neutral Fuels, Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel closed loop system Trial.
    Since 2005, GTZ China Junior Consultant on Renewable energy, biomass energy and Waste to energy.
    2009, EU/China/EEP Agriculture Biomass Resource Assessment technical team member.
    2009, Invitation speaker for IEA/ERIA Task 30 Bioenergy Trade Workshop, Tokyo.
    2009, Invitation speaker for ADB Rural Biomass power generation, Beijing.
    2014, Design, built and transfer Gushou Husbandry Ltd Waste water treatment plant, Xiamen, China.
    2014, Design and patent Venturi bag digester system.
    2015, Consultant for UNDP Piu Village Biogas Electrification, Samoa

  • EIA consultant; Water Quality expert
    Oceania Environment Consultants, Suva.

    I have more than 16 years work experience as Fellow in the Environment unit, Institute of Applied Science (IAS), University of the South Pacific (USP), where my work included conducting scientific research and investigations, and my special area of expertise was in water quality testing, water sampling for analysis, and general ecological assessments.
    I have been team leader on a number of projects including major EIA studies, not only in Fiji but the region as well, where my role included collaboration with other stakeholders, government and non-government, and other local and external EIA consultants, e.g. for the Rewa River Dredging EIA. I was team leader for a conservation project on coastal rehabilitation along Coral Coast, funded by the Darwin Initiative. I have prepared at least 30 technical reports, EIA Reports for clients, not only from Fiji but the region as well. Our clients included the governments (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu); private developers (Denarau Resort).

  • My interest in the environment started as I worked as a climatologist in the Apia Observatory, Samoa, where I learnt a lot about the close links between the weather/climate and other components of the environment including humans. I later took an academic career with the National Uni of Samoa (participate in the environment issue) in its inception years until the end of 1999.
    Moving to Australia in 2000 allowed me to take an administration pathway with the University of NSW until 2006 and a theology degree. This helped developed a more complete toolkit to deal with the environment issue. Returning to Samoa this decade gave me an opening to connect in a more meaningful way with communities which are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Currently I'm enjoying this work immensely with the OLSSI.

  • I have over 20 years experience in the field of environmental science; specifically focusing on impact assessments of developments in the areas of infrastructure and energy. My expertise although specifically in the area of geology has expanded to cover community development as the study of EIA now encompasses both environmental and social factors of affected communities. My strength in conducting EIA is based on my great understanding of natural processes through the study of geology which allows me to suggest timely mitigation measures to minimize identified impacts of the project on the environment. My working experiences in the petroleum industry gave me great understanding of their operational procedures and likely impacts of fume and leakages on the environment, especially the groundwater lens. My clients range from national (i.e. Tonga) ministries and corporations to regional and international agencies

  • Social scientist/gender researcher
    Independent consultant

    I am a social scientist and freelance researcher with a passion for working in international development. I have experience working on various gender and social research and consultancy contracts in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. My most recent research focuses on understanding gender in the Pacific and aims to better integrate gender considerations into development projects, particularly related to natural resource management. I have a Master of International and Community Development, and a Bachelor of Social Science (Environment). I am a native English speaker, and am proficient in Solomon Islands Pijin and Papua New Guinean Tok Pisin.

  • Project and Programme Design, Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation
    Capacity Building, including training, institutional strengthening and policy development and planning
    Disaster and Climate Risk Assessments and Management - nationally as well as for specific sectors, islands and communities
    Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Financing

  • Environment & development consultant with 10 years’ experience in 7 sectors in 16 countries, including 10 Caribbean & Pacific SIDS. Key highlights:

    2014 Climate Change Project Officer, The Australian National University
    2013-2014 Sustainable Financing Consultant, Cuso International
    2013 Marine Protected Areas Expert, GOPA Consultants
    2012-2013 Policy Research Manager, Caribbean Policy Research Institute
    2012 Executive Director/Park Manager (World Heritage Site), Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust
    2011 Climate Change Consultant, Environmental Solutions Ltd
    2011-2012 Environmental Project Manager, Conrad Douglas & Associates Ltd
    2007-2009 Environment & Sustainable Development Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Currently self-directing PhD research into climate change adaptation in SIDS. Seeking to use my qualifications & skills to help limit human-induced climate change, & ensure that adaptation actions in SIDS meet their development & resilience needs & goals.

  • Gillian has extensive experience in understanding climate change impacts and undertaking vulnerability assessments; adaptation planning; and developing climate change policy in the Pacific including in Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea as well as in Indonesia the Philippines and Australia. Gillian's experience is often largely focused on ecosystem adaptation, and food security As well as working with National Governments to develop and implement Climate Change Policy, Gillian has also worked closely with NGOs and community groups to focus on community- based climate change adaptation. Gillian uses community capacity building skills to strengthen the competencies and abilities of people and communities so they can overcome the challenges they face (vulnerabilities) like those associated with climate change. Gillian also has understanding about costal defences for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management.

  • Environmental Health & Climate Change Consultant
    Tropicaelan Enviro & Climate Change Consultants (TECCC)

    I am a strategic thinker and advocate for better environmental management including climate change and biodiversity conservation. I have over 18 years of experience working in both private sector, government and with civil society organizations in Vanuatu. This way of thinking has led to legislative amendments to existing laws governing environment in Vanuatu where from 2010 to 2015, over 10 bills were passed by the national parliament of Vanuatu to become law. These legislative changes has also the resulted in increased revenue (VT5m) for Government in 2013 compared to previous years where the average was VT500, 000.

    I have devoted my last two years in Vanuatu Government on climate change, not only as a Climate Change Negotiator (2012 and 2013) but also as Acting Director General of the newly established Ministry of Climate Change from March 2014 to September 2014.