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  • I own and manage a very successful, Samoa-based ICT consultancy firm with a proven track record in successfully leading large complex ICT projects in Samoa. Bitsolution delivers practical methodologies and world-class solutions for all our clients. My team at Bitsolution has a combined total of 30+years working experience in ICT and have developed various databases, websites, web-based system/platform for various sectors inclusive infrastructure, livelihood (e.g. agriculture, fisheries) and others (i.e. parliamentary, statistics etc). We have proven experience and skills in knowledge management systems and software; SQL; Access and other IT software(s). I have excellent communication skills as I am a qualified trainer for the Samoa In-country Training Programme (GoSamoa, Australia initiative) and conduct regular training(s) for various stakeholders in the area of ICT & specific issues (e.g. ICT & governance; ICT & private sector;ICT & people with disabilities; ICT & communities etc).

  • Please see my LinkedIn profile .
    More than 25 years of international experience in developing information and knowledge management solutions for institutions and corporate or special libraries. This includes business analysis, needs and maturity assessments, strategy and policy advice, capacity development and project management to enable or optimise digital access for information and collections. Related tasks cover the planning, implementation, administration and adaptation of integrated systems and processes. Themes include international development in the Pacific region, disaster risk management, maritime history, medicine / health, art and design.

  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) technical expert and program manager with a ten-year proven track record in successfully leading large, complex ICT projects, particularly in development, health and education. Proven skills in knowledge and skills transfer having spearheaded the development and production of several high-level strategic project reports, briefings and case studies. Easily adaptable to multicultural environments having led ICT projects in Fiji, Kiribati, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

  • Website Development
    Eighty Options Pty Ltd

    Eighty Options Pty Ltd is website development agency that specialises in the open source Drupal content management framework. Eighty Options can offer support and assistance for online communication needs, including rapid development of websites, online databases and portals. Eighty Options has worked with clients such as SPREP, WCPFC, CCAMLR, Tasmanian Fire Service and the Enhancing Pacific Ocean Governance (EPOG) project.

  • My area of expertise is in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering specializing in;
    • water resources engineering and integrated management,
    • civil and environmental engineering design of infrastructures,
    • environmental risk assessment and minimization, climate change analysis,
    • urban hydrology, water demand forecasting and allocation framework,
    • hydrological, hydraulic and watershed modelling,
    • system dynamic and model development.
    Qualifications: Ph.D (Env Eng). University of Melbourne (UoM), Australia, ME. The University of Auckland, BE. Unitec Institute of Tech
    Employment History:

    HARC, Melbourne
    Senior Water Resources Engineer – Candor3 Ltd, NZ, 2014 – Present.
    Quest Lecturer – Unitec Institute of Technology, NZ, 2014 – Present.
    Research Fellow: UoM, Australia, 2014.
    Fellow/Lecturer: BYU, USA, 2012 – 2013.
    Water Resources Engineer: Division of Water Resources, Utah, USA, 2013 – 2014.
    Tutor: UoM, 2008 - 2010.
    Env Engineer: Wood & Partners Consultants Ltd, 2007.

  • GIS and Data Management
    Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative @ Pacific Islands Climate Science Center

    Patrick Grady is a highly qualified Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst with 15+ years of experience within the GIS, Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) fields. A broad spectrum of project experience ranging from climate change, renewable and conventional energy utilities, environmental, natural resource management, threatened species, wildfire and ecological modeling and analysis has provided me a well rounded skill set. These experiences within both the public and private sectors make me a fully qualified and ideal candidate for a wide variety of positions within the Geospatial industry. My experiences working for multiple agencies within these vastly different sectors has provided me with an extremely solid and diversified background working with data in a variety of formats, projections and file types while adhering to individual agency standards. Through these experiences I have developed a unique skill set focused on the entire life cycle of geospatial data. This diverse skill set involves an in depth process which includes design and development of GPS data dictionaries, field survey data collection, data processing, analysis, management, serving, maintenance and archiving. Data development and progression also involves software, hardware and data structure compatibility as well as coordination of research and development of alternative or superior data analyses, inventories, techniques and protocols. My distinct career has given me the opportunity to develop the ability to efficiently oversee and manage project funding, internal and external staff, in house applications, staff training, technical support and trouble shooting tasks and knowledge transfer through such mediums as websites, newsletters and list services.

  • The consultant's key fields of expertise include Environmental Management (Env Mgt Sys, Env Audit, EIA, SEA), Sustainable Development, Climate Change (Adaptation, Mitigation, Science, Policy), Community Waste Management, Community Based Adaptation, Ecosystem-based Adaptation. Proficient project management and project performance management skills that include practitioner skills in project management in controlled environments; skills in concept, grant and full project and funding proposal writing, climate financing proposal writing, design, work planning and budgeting. Skilled in project appraisal of project aspects such as costs, timescales, quality, scope, risk and benefits; deliver of quality project products, monitoring, reporting and evaluation. Offers training and workshops on V&A Assessments that include technical and community-based tools and frameworks, socio-economic assessments, lessons learned, results-based management, survey design and implementation, M&E design and implementation, gender & climate change. Range of working experiences at different levels of development intervention - international and regional (negotiations, policy, advocacy, lobbying, media campaigns and presentation, knowledge management); regional and national (project management, policy, science, gender, adaptation, mitigation, media campaigns, public awareness) and community (CBA, EbA, V&A, negotiations, training, gender mainstreaming level, implementation, negotiation skills on climate change, waste management, attitude and behavioral change campaigning). Have on-the-ground and field experiences in 14 Pacific Island communities, particularly in Palau, Marshall Islands, Fiji, Niue, Cook Islands, and Papua New Guinea. Sector expertise areas of climate change adaptation activities and results in integrated coastal zone management, water resources management (specializing in low-lying atolls), food security, food production, agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, tourism and health.

  • Project Management Work for World Bank and UNDP in the areas of climate change adaptation, health and food security at the national and regional level. Meteorologists by profession with more than 20 years of GIS experience. Strong interest in International and regional conventions in relation to climate change and environment in general. Sectors of interest and involvement includes environment, health, agriculture and food security, disaster and risk reduction management, infrastructure, information and data management, parliamentary institutional strengthening etc. Had worked with other donors like AusAid, NZ Aid, ADB, Government of Italy, UNEP, FAO in particular.

  • Key skills: providing strategic, targeted knowledge network, evaluation and technical services to international environmental and development programs and institutional capacities. Thematic interests and work experience: project design, implementation and results based monitoring: child rights, disability mainstreaming in UN funds and programs, inclusive education sector planning, biodiversity strategic planning, disaster risk reduction , climate change and resilience, natural resources and protected area management, ecosystem services and environmental science. Policy and bottleneck analysis and implementation problem resolution including work in environment sectors, poverty alleviation and education, improved service delivery and transparent government initiatives. Advocacy interests focusing on one UN programming, education for sustainable development, education systems and planning, climate change adaptation, emergencies, disaster risk reduction and resilience. Communication: training and education experience, including organizing and leading workshops. Research: data analysis, writing/editing materials for a wide variety of audiences and preparing content for websites.

  • Ainsof So’o is the Systems Developer/Analyst for the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) based in Apia, Samoa. He currently maintains and develops corporate applications and web applications for SPREP and its member countries and territories. Mr. So’o has also developed database systems and websites for Individuals, Businesses and Government Ministries whilst working in the private sector.

    Mr. So’o is a recipient of the prestigious Australian Leadership Award where he attained a Master of Information Technology in Software Architecture from the Queensland University of Technology as well as leadership training. He also holds a Bachelor of Computing Systems from New Zealand and a PRINCE2 Project Management certification.

  • Education and Researcher for the University of New Caledonia
    Countries of Work Experience: France, Austria, Germany, New Caledonia
    Description: Funded by French Minister of overseas this project aims at discovering and modeling the dynamic of dengue epidemics. This study focuses
    on New Caledonia and Nouméa city.
    Description: Funded by CNRT (National Center of Technological research), this project studies quantification of upstream flows and their impact on downstream
    transport of solid matter in different geomorphoclimatic contexts.
    Description: Funded by French National Research Agency (ANR), this project aims at providing to geologists a semi-­-automatic and complete process for monitoring soil erosion. This process will be based on multi-­-temporal very high
    resolutions satellite images coupled with digital elevation model (DEM), sensor data and/or expert knowledge. The project will focus more precisely on two important aspects of this process: segmentation of satellite images based on collaborative methods, and construction of descriptive (patterns, clustering, …) and predictive (decision trees, …) spatio-­- temporal models. New methods, algorithms and softwares on environmental data will be proposed to assist
    experts in their knowledge discovery.
    Collaboration in the dry forest program with Agronomic Institute of New Caledonia
    Description: This project funded by KNS (Koniambo Nickel SAS) is a preliminary project on environmental data warehousing and knowledge discovery. It aims at investigating spatial and temporal data warehouses (SOLAP: Spatial On-Line Analytical Processing) solutions on an hydrological and marine databases. It involves the implementation of a data warehouse in order to cross thematic data: hydrogeological data, marine data etc.

  • Conduct assessments of knowledge systems, conduct advisory missions with the US-based endowment on knowledge management, future development, vision and strategic partnerships: New foundland government, IGA England and IGA Boston
    Review annual grant proposals for community health and development in northern Newfoundland and Labrador.
    Coach Junior Directors
    Conceive original concept and mandate; define audience for company products and services, promote technical vision and mandate among directors
    Design global knowledge management strategy on education, health and agriculture as technical advisor; providing leadership to four regional knowledge managers to implement the strategy
    - Build strategic partnerships: UN regional commissions, UNDP, UNEP, UNV, UNICEF, UNESCO, IDRC, ISDR, etc
    Mid-Term Evaluation Capacity Strengthening and Knowledge Management for Protected Areas Management
    Activities Performed: i) Undertook comprehensive Midterm Evaluation MTE of GEF/UNDP PA program and demonstration of PA learning and ecosystems management approach ii) Conducted in-depth consultations and focus group work with key stakeholders and government planning staff. iii) Compiled evidence to support management and governance positive changes to program; conducted assessment of knowledge and learning systems. iv) Critiqued the program me indicators and all changes incurred during implementation by project staff. Suggested new indicators. v) Delivered and presented report to multi-sector and institutional stakeholders
    Mid-Term Evaluation Capacity Strengthening and Knowledge Management for Institutions for Natural Resources Management
    Activities Performed: i) MTE of GEF/UNDP INRM program and demonstration of integrated ecosystems management and climate change adaptation approaches ii) Conducted consultations and focus group work with key stakeholders and government planning staff. iii) Compiled evidence to support management and governance positive changes to program including assessment of knowledge and learning systems. iv) Critiqued the programme indicators and all changes incurred during implementation by project staff. v) Delivered and presented report to multi-sector and institutional stakeholders
    Evidence, Coaching and Policy Research on South-South Cooperation (SSC) Principles
    Developed framework and conducted assessment of IBSA Trust Fund portfolio 11 projects at various stages of completion;
    Authored evidence-based policy/resource mobilization paper on the Trust Fund as good South-South Corporation with UN practice
    Terminal Evaluation Capacity Strengthening and Knowledge Management for Sustainable Land Management
    Activities Performed: i) Undertook comprehensive Midterm Evaluation MTE of GEF/UNDP environmental mainstreaming program and demonstration pilot sustainable ecosystems approach ii) Conducted in-depth consultations and focus group work with key stakeholders and government planning staff; conducted assessment of knowledge and learning systems. iii) Compiled evidence to support management and governance positive changes to program. iv) Critiqued the program me indicators and all changes incurred during implementation by project staff. Suggested new indicators. v) Delivered and presented report to multi-sector and institutional stakeholders
    Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy/Advisor/Author - Climate Resilient Infrastructure /Coastal Zone Development

    Conducted in-depth consultations and focus group work with key government and civil society stakeholders, UN and other partners, NGOs and Local Government and Engineering Staff; conducted assessment of knowledge and learning systems

    Compiled evidence to support inter-sectoral knowledge management and learning strategy and provided recommendations related institutional reforms for climate resilience infrastructure and coastal zone management
    Delivered and presented KM Strategy and Architecture for Climate Resilient Infrastructure to multi-sector and institutional stakeholders and inclusion into multidisciplinary Climate Change Resilience PPTA.
    Created a climate infrastructure learning network - documented and shared PA - KM activities
    Abyei Area Development Programme
    Activities Performed: i) Produced an inception report for UNDP Khartoum concerning delivery of the requirements outlined in the ToR and a detailed evaluation with an analytical response to all key components. ii) Used qualitative/quantitative techniques to obtain information; developed new indicators to assess project outcome. iii) Conducted field visits to rural offices, meeting with relevant staleholders; visited UNDP senior management, team leaders and program officers; consulted women, children and other marginalized groups and devised other means to measure progress, effect and impact. iv) Organized a debriefing session for UNDP staff, partners and collaborators; v) Re-developed UNDP’s programming strategy
    Study and Policy Paper - UNEPs Contribution to South South Cooperation- A Knowledge Management Approach
    Activities Performed: i) Conducted baseline research on UNEP’s role in promoting South-South cooperation on environmental capacity building; interviewed UNEP staff. ii) Authored relevant paper for UN-wide publication. iii) Authored related policy recommendation/paper on cooperation for staff
    Developing a National Knowledge Management Platform for Action on Disaster Risk Reduction
    Activities Performed: i) Coordinated development of a new national policy framework and 10-year action plan on disaster risk reduction. ii) Conducted community profiling exercise to establish baseline and set targets for support; designed and wrote proposals for strategic partnerships iii) Advocated support extension to implement national strategy on community-based DRR
    Instituting and Implementing a Global Knowledge Management Strategy for UNDP on Environmental Issues
    Activities Performed: i) Established first Energy and Environment Practice Network, managing network budget of $1/4 M. ii) Managed network and designed monitoring and evaluation plan. iii) Organized, recruited and managed network volunteers, two professional staff iv) Facilitated the Human Rights Knowledge Network – HURITALK (2001). v) Piloted regional/sub-regional support networks – Zambia, Mauritania, Senegal, Malaysia, Costa Rica, and Bratislava. vi) Provided environmental management policy and reported to country offices. vii) Participated in global water partnership technical meeting; conducted knowledge management needs assessment. Provided recommendations to senior management concerning GWP KM reforms
    UNDP Global Policy and Programme Support
    Activities Performed: i) Conducted Terminal Review of UNDP Global Programmes: UNCED (1992), WSSD (1995) and Partners in Development (1995). ii) Conducted research for 2 UNDP Global Poverty Reports (1999-2000). iii) Conducted a GEF Climate Change Portfolio Review – Africa Region (1998). iv) Conducted statistical analysis of UNDP sustainable livelihood programme. v) Researched and drafted policy statements vi) Conducted and statistically represented programme research (governance, poverty, HIV and AIDS, environment, gender)
    UNDP Support Programme in Indonesia
    Activities Performed: i) Located and interviewed policy experts; reviewed project/policy concepts; developed briefing materials; ii) Fostered strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Religious Affairs to develop programs and projects concerning expanding access and quality of education; leveraged resources from development partners and the international monetary institutions. iii) Researched/drafted educational policy statements; developed strategic partnership with UNICEF and UNESCO; coordinated UN input for the conference ‘Education for All – Nine Most Populous Countries’. iv) Monitored/developed projects: environment, energy, women, education issues. v) Backstopped three gender projects on behalf of UNIFEM