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  • Ruth is a climate change, environment and international development professional, with a particular focus on climate resilience, adaptation planning, and climate finance readiness. She has 9 years’ experience providing policy research, analysis, implementation and project/programme management in these fields, working extensively with a range of donors/international development partners and national governments worldwide. Ruth's recent assignments have included supporting countries with INDCs, capacity building support, contributing to the evaluation of EU adaptation strategy implementation and leading inputs to the EU’s 7th national communications.
    Prior to joining Ricardo, Ruth was Climate Finance Adviser for the Commonwealth, where she designed and led a work programme on climate finance readiness and resilience, focusing on improving the access, use and delivery of climate finance for small and vulnerable member states, including the Commonwealth Climate Finance Skills Hub proposal.

  • I am a lawyer by profession and is currently the People’s Lawyer for Tuvalu. I holds a Master of Law in Government and Regulation from the Australia National University, Professional Diploma in Legal Drafting (PDLD), Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (PDLP) and BA/LLB degree from University of the South Pacific .

    I have been practiced as a lawyer in Tuvalu for more than 10 years. For 6 years, I worked as a government lawyer in the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) of Tuvalu and then as the People’s Lawyer in the Office of the People’s Lawyer (OPL).

    In the OAG, I worked as a government litigator, prosecutor, legal drafter and represented the Government in national and international conferences.

    As the People’s Lawyer I became both the public solicitor and defender and also managed the OPL. I involved in alternative dispute resolution settlements and work directly with the people. I also conducted public education and awareness for the people and capacity building for OPL staff.

  • I have worked in the field of environment for over 15 years started
    1997-2004 worked for the Government of Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Principal Capacity Building Officer), lead environmental trainings, awareness and communication programmes
    2004-2008 UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme Manager (Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau) covering 5 GEF Focal Areas of Biodiversity, Climate Change and Adaptation, International Waters, Land Degradation, and Persistent Organic Pollutants. Worked with grassroot level with Civil Society Groups (village communities, NGOs, Women, Youth, Faith Based Groups)
    late 2008 - 2016 Conservation International from 2008-2013 I worked as the Regional Programme Manager for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (22 PICs), 2013- 2016 Terrestrial Director worked in Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Biodiversity Conservation Management;
    mid 2016 to present - Consultant World Bank Project - PPCR Enhancing Community Resilience.

  • Meteorology
    Australian Bureau of Meteorology (on pre- retirement leave)

    • 23 years at the Fiji Meteorological Service (FMS)
    o Director, FMS
    o Manager, Nadi Regional Cyclone Warning Centre
    o Head, Climatology Division

    • 26 years’ experience as Supervisor, International Affairs, coordinating Bureau of Meteorology’s international affairs, focussed on the Pacific Islands in close association with SPREP & WMO

    • Permanent Representative of Fiji with WMO

    • Chair, WMO Regional Association (RA) V Tropical Cyclone Committee for the South Pacific and the South-east Indian Ocean, 1985-1990

    • Vice-President, WMO RA V, 1989 - 1990

    • Regional Coordinator, UNDP/WMO Regional Project - Support to the Tropical Cyclone Programme in the South Pacific 1987-1990

    • Member, U N Ad-Hoc Expert Group on the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) 1988 -1989

    • Team Leader of project: A Needs Analysis for the Strengthening of Pacific Meteorological Services – Meeting the Challenges, 2000

    • Author, Kiribati Meteorological Strategy 2014-19

  • Nimbus Environmental Services (NES) is a multi-discipline, environmental/engineering consulting firm, providing technical assistance to Pacific Islands Countries and Territories (PICTs). NES is a Hawaii-based, licensed and insured, Women's/Small Business. NES personnel have provided services to PICTs since 1986. Areas of expertise include: Water Quality Assessments/Monitoring; Environmental Impact Assessments; Site Remediation Design and Management; Laboratory Performance Audits, Training, and Certification (US EPA standards); Water/Wastewater System Performance Audits; Regulatory Compliance Assistance; Engineering Reviews for Infrastructure Development; Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives; Training for Local Capacity Building. Our understanding of the challenges faced by Pacific Islands jurisdictions is broad-based. We combine high quality services, modest rates, and flexibility, to deliver technical assistance that best meets the needs of decision-makers and leaders.

  • Hydrographic Surveyor
    Fugro LADS Corporation Pty Ltd

    Hugh Parker is a qualified FIG/IHO Category A Hydrographic Surveyor with over 15 years experience undertaking and supporting hydrographic surveys in coastal shallow waters around the world using Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry (ALB) technology that was designed and developed to survey shallow water more efficiently, safer and cheaper than vessel based sonar technology. Hugh has been involved in undertaking ALB surveys for climate change resilience projects that enable modelling of sea level rise, storm surge, and tsunami events in countries including Samoa, French Polynesia and Australia. Hugh is able to provide technical assistance and consultancy on the development of LiDAR projects for mapping the coastal environment that will assist SIDS with their coastal management plans for climate change resilience.

  • Engineer/Project Manager/Science Manager
    Pacific Science Solutions

    I have a degree in Engineering and Computing, a Masters in Business Administration and am currently undertaking a Juris Doctor in Law at Monash University. I have significant experience managing projects in oceanography, climatology and technology, as well as, experience in procurement, logistics and asset management. I have successfully undertaken international stakeholder liaison for the provision of operational scientific services to both public and private sectors in the Pacific. I worked in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for 15 years in diverse roles such as National Oceanographic Manager, National Climate and Ocean Manager, Observing Infrastructure and Equipment Manager etc. I am now a Director for Pacific Science Solutions, a newly formed science consultancy service based in Suva, Fiji.

  • Climatologist, Program/project management, capacity development and training, stakeholder engagement
    Pacific Science Solutions

    I am the Managing Director for the Pacific Science Solutions, a science consultancy service based in Suva, Fiji. I have a major in climatology (Bachelor of Science) from Macquarie University, Australia and my first job was as a scientific officer at the Fiji Meteorological Services in January 1993. I was heading the Fiji Climate Service Division by the time I left the service in 2001 and I moved to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. In January 2004, I became the Team Leader for an Australian Government funded project titled Pacific Islands Climate Prediction Project (PICPP). I continued managing the project until February 2012 when I moved onto to managing a much larger Australian funded (AUD 33.3M) program known Climate and Ocean Support Program in the Pacific (COSPPac).
    Both projects involved at least 10 Pacific Islands. I have co-authored several WMO publications, and have been a member of a WMO working groups. I have been recognised as a regional expert on climate services.

  • ICT Specialist
    TN Technologies Limited

    • We provide consultants in the fields of information technology, data recovery professional, software and website developers and are generally involved in all aspects of computer programming, hardware development and configuration
    • We sell, service and supply spare parts and accessories for computers, electronic equipment, software and related goods and services;
    • We promote and market Information Technology goods, web 2.0 and social media services and activities within the Cook Islands and elsewhere.
    • We are service agents, repairers and consultants in the maintenance, repair, data recovery, upgrading services and refurbishment of all manner of computer hardware and software as well as electronic and digital equipments.

  • David Sheppard is an innovative and experienced change manager with a track record of results. His professional experience ranges from executive and CEO level to practical, "on ground" field management. He has worked for more than 35 years, largely in the fields of environmental and natural resource management, and climate change, at international, regional (Pacific) and national (Australia) levels.
    David has worked in more than 60 countries on a range of issues relating to: (i) climate change and resilience; (ii) organisational governance and change; (iii) environmental and natural resource management; (iv) ocean/marine conservation and management; (v) protected areas; and (vi) World Heritage and heritage conservation. He is recognised as a global expert in a number of these areas and has extensive experience in programme and project management. David has completed the Executive Development Programme at the Harvard Business School and has qualifications in Science (Forestry), and post graduate qualifications in Natural Resource Management. David was the Director General (CEO) of SPREP (Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environmental Programme), from 2009 to 2015, based in Samoa. SPREP is the lead inter-governmental agency in the Pacific region for: climate change; biodiversity and ecosystem management; waste management and pollution; and environmental monitoring and governance. David implemented a far ranging change management programme at SPREP which has resulted in a sharper and clearer focus for the organisation and resulted in SPREP being recognised as one of the leading regional environment organisations in the world. David is currently an Adjunct Senior Fellow, University of the South Pacific and Independent Consultant, with recent work undertaken for a number of Government and Non Government Organisations.

  • Fifteen years managing development finance in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific and six years in small island developing states. Expert building country systems and partnerships for development. Climate change, resilience building, infrastructure, gender equality, blue/green economy, public health, education and governance program experience.

  • Environmental Engineer, Waste to Energy Engineer
    Pro-Tek (Xiamen) Electroplating Development Ltd.; Top Recycle Electricity and Energy Taiwan

    Since 2005, Design, built and operate 10,000 T per year waste oil biodiesel plant, Xiamen, China.
    2012-2014, McDonald China, Neutral Fuels, Used Cooking Oil to Biodiesel closed loop system Trial.
    Since 2005, GTZ China Junior Consultant on Renewable energy, biomass energy and Waste to energy.
    2009, EU/China/EEP Agriculture Biomass Resource Assessment technical team member.
    2009, Invitation speaker for IEA/ERIA Task 30 Bioenergy Trade Workshop, Tokyo.
    2009, Invitation speaker for ADB Rural Biomass power generation, Beijing.
    2014, Design, built and transfer Gushou Husbandry Ltd Waste water treatment plant, Xiamen, China.
    2014, Design and patent Venturi bag digester system.
    2015, Consultant for UNDP Piu Village Biogas Electrification, Samoa