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  • Perth based, dual national environmental executive with specializing in environmental impact assessment. Rean has lived in the Pacific where she lived and worked in Samoa while she undertook a waste management project in collaboration with SPREP.
    Rean has a demonstrated track record in marine, coastal and land based marine science, leadership and management in Australia and the Pacific Islands.
    Rean has worked both in private industry and State and Federal government agencies as an environmental professional /regulator as well as operating a sole trader consultancy business specializing in marine pollution, waste management issues, environmental impact problem solving and management.
    Rean has also worked as the regulator in Marine Park Management for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, regulation of shipping, regulation of airspace and regulation of the oil and gas industry offshore and onshore.
    Rean is an adaptable, self-motivated, positive and a reliable leader with well-developed interpersonal skills, high emotional intelligence, client liaison and negotiation skills.

  • Development professional with over sixteen years of experience living and working in the Pacific region, namely Samoa. A national-level consultant specializing in project management, rural livelihoods development, community outreach, policy and statistical analysis and digital innovation in various thematic areas related to international development such as agriculture, environment and industry. Over eight years managing public affairs, political, economic, and military portfolios for U.S. Embassy Apia. Experienced managing numerous grants, programs, media campaigns, development projects, budgets, volunteer placements, and humanitarian missions involving various federal agencies, host nation governments, and civil society organizations. Experienced office leader in a cross-cultural setting. Excellent at multi-tasking and delivering quality work in a timely manner.

  • Coastal Engineer
    Intercoastal Consulting
    Meteorologist, M & E specialist, Knowledge management specialist, GIS specialist, Capacity building specialist, Civil engineering (hard and soft engineering solutions), Disaster Relief/Management specialist, Community trainer specialist, Proposal writing/Report writing, Other, Hydrographic Surveying, Project and Programme Design, Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation, Environmental Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environment management, Early Warning Systems, Programme Management, Project managment (planning, designing, implementation and monitoring), Technical Expert providing Environmental/Engineering services to Pacific Islands Countries and Territories for management of coastal and uplands natural resources and built environments., Vulnerability assessment and resilience-based management, Urban resilience, tsunami modelling, natural marine hazard, marine geology, Tsunami and coastal inundation hazards, Sustainable livelihoods & resilience building, Risk Assessment, DRR, and Resiliency Planning, Resilience, Development effectiveness, Community Consultation, Adaptation planning, vulnerability asses, Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment, National Adaptation Planning, Community-Based Adaptation, Coastal Oceanography, coastal inundation and erosion, Coastal Management, Coastal engineering, coastal processes, marine ecology, numerical modelling, Coastal Engineering, Climate change, climate science communication, Climate Resilient Infrastructure Design, Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Climate Change Adaptation, Climate change / adaptaion policy and strategy, Climate Risk Management

    James Lewis, Director of Intercoastal Consulting, is a certified practicing civil engineer with over 15 years of experience specialising in coastal engineering throughout Australasia and across the Pacific. He has a broad knowledge of coastal protection design, integrated coastal management and surf amenity. James’s skills extend outside the office where he has led large-scale metocean deployments, analysing the data captured in the field to calibrate numerical models used to inform coastal design.

    He has focussed the last 10 years of his career on working in Small Island Developing States (SIDs) in climate change adaptation, concerned primarily with developing climate-resilient coastal protection. James aspires to see the design phase through to implementation; having supported procurement, and contracting and undertaken construction supervision on large projects in remote locations. He aims to provide value and support through the complete project lifecycle including the social, financial and institutional aspects of these projects, endeavoring to understand the administrative, governmental and funding mechanisms specific to each country and community and their relation to the delivery of a successful project.

    Using his knowledge of coastal engineering, the ocean and the environment, James’ primary endeavor is to assist coastal communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

  • May 1998 to date: Managing Director/Business Consultant, Resort Support, Fiji - Management services and consultancy to resorts and dive operations. All of the positions after May 1998 below were completed as a consultancy through Resort Support

    May 2023 to November 2023: Tourism and coral reef resilience specialist – Fiji / ADB & PSDI – Develop a tourism focused situation analysis of potential pilot sites in Fiji, built on the ADB baseline assessment of potential pilot sites, to develop financial and insurance products as part of efforts to improve the resilience of Fiji's tourism sector and economy.

    November 2022 to June 2023: Tourism Business Development Specialist, Fiji National Sustainable Tourism Framework /Fiji MTCA & IFC – IFC work with a consortium, working directly with Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation on the formulation of Fiji’s National Sustainable Tourism Framework, as a successor plan of the Fijian Tourism 2021 strategy.

    August 2022 to November 2023: National Tourism Business Development Specialist – Fiji / International Centre for Environmental Management & WBG - Assessment of Needs and Opportunities to Improve Ecosystem Resilience and Sustainable Tourism in Fiji.

    January 2022 to July 2022: Tourism Consultant, YCP Solidance/Fiji & IFC - Fiji Tourism Investment Mapping: National Level COVID-19 Recovery & Greening & Vanua Levu Destination Development. Tourism Expert.

    August 2021 to January 2022: Tourism Consultant, RLA Global, Dubai/Fiji & IFC - Fiji Tourism Investment Mapping: National Level COVID-19 Recovery & Greening & Vanua Levu Destination Development. SME and Sustainable Tourism Expert.

    May 2021 – July 2021 : Hospitality operational management consultancy services for the private sector of the Kyrgyz Republic, World Bank Group/IFC - The consultancy is to provide knowledge, technical assistance and support to tourism private sector of the Kyrgyz Republic in order to increase efficiency of business through improvement of tourist products and offers, better marketing and promotion, and enhanced business operations as well as facilitation and outreach of investment projects. Specific focus is to be given to COVID-19 recovery efforts.

    August 2017 to July 2021 : Part-time Fellow, Discipline of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Faculty of Business & Economic, The University of the South Pacific, Fiji – Re-designed courses, coordinated courses and taught all levels of undergraduate students.
    • TS309 Tourism Business Entrepreneurship
    • TS311: Sustainable Tourism Development
    • TS109: Food and Beverage Services & Cost Control
    • TS208: Operational Issues for Hospitality

    March 2019 to date: Approved Service Provider for Business Link Pacific, Fiji- New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) : BLP ASP for both financial management (installing and facilitating Xero Software conversions) and website building for e-commerce solutions for SME.

    January 2016 to September 2016: Development Consultant – Destination Marketing Organisations MDF/Australia DFAT supported project to develop and launch 2 new DMOs, Tourism Suncoast and Tourism Kadavu., from inception to operational plans.
    • Bring together all parties to form new DMOs
    • Develop legal and financial frameworks for the new organisations
    • Develop the strategic and tactical marketing for the start up DMOs for 1st year.

    January 2015 to May 2015: Strategic Marketing Consultant – Talanoa Treks MDF/Australia DFAT supported project to analyse and further develop the strategic and tactical marketing for the start up ecotourism venture.
    • Market Assessment: Identification and clarification of the proposed Market Segments to establish their scope and viability
    • Market Identification and Segmentation: Once the size and scope of each market segment has been identified and surveyed, the Directors will be able to make informed decisions on which segments to target and prioritise them.
    • Marketing Campaign Recommendations: The recommended marketing campaign specific to these segments will be presented and launched (or set-up to launch at Directors discretion).
    • Ongoing Monitoring and Assessment: After the campaigns are launched, on going online tools will be maintained to track market needs on an ongoing basis as online pre and post walk surveys with clients.

    January 2013 to date: Managing Director – The Army of Flying Monkeys – Online marketing services and campaign management for the small-medium business community in the South Pacific with a small team of developers and marketing professionals. Specialise in on-time delivery of online marketing campaigns including:
    • WordPress development and deployment (guaranteed within 30 days)
    • Online advertising campaign management (PPC, AdWords, niche markets)
    • CRM solution deployment and email marketing campaign management

    August 2007 – Dec 2012: Business Development Director, Matava Fiji's Premier Eco Resort – Senior Executive Director responsible for strategic planning, marketing and business development. Primary directive was business development and growth.
    • Designed and project managed $1 million, 6 month rebuild of central complex of Matava Resort
    • Increased retail sales and profit by designing and installing new boutique in main complex
    • Reduced costs and increased safety by designing and implementing new Food and Beverage Management System (including HACCAP)
    • Reduced accounts receivable by recommending and implementing MYOB Accounting Plus including Payroll as Accounting system
    • Increased occupancy from 59% 2007, to 64% 2008 (to date) by designing and implementing new Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plans

    November 2004 – July 2006: General Manager, Active Fiji/Tui Tai Adventure Cruises, Fiji – Senior Executive Manager responsible to Board of Directors for strategic planning, operations and crew of 36. Primary directive was business development and growth.
    • Designed and project managed $1 million, 4 month refit of all accommodations/cabins on Tui Tai adventure cruise ship
    • Increased on-board sales and profit by designing and installing in-house dive operation on cruise ship
    • Reduced costs and increased safety by designing and implementing new Food and Beverage Management System (including HACCAP)
    • Reduced accounts receivable by recommending and implementing MYOB Premier v9 including Payroll as Accounting system
    • Increased occupancy from 62% 2005, to 84% 2006 (mean) by designing and implementing new Marketing Plan and Reservations System

    April-May 2005: Hotel Management Consultant, Matava Resort, Kadavu, Fiji - Senior consultant to design and implement hotel solutions while training 3 new Directors/Owners in Hotel Operations.
    • Developed Business Development Plan and 5 year financial projections
    • Reduced costs and increased safety by designing and implementing new Food and Beverage Management System (including HACCAP)
    • Increased occupancy by developing and implementing new Marketing Plan 2005-2006

    November 2003 – November 2004: Safety Management Consultant, Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Fiji – Senior consultant and designer contracted to design and implement a custom proprietary Shangri-La Watersports Safety Management System (SWSMS)
    • Achieved safety target within time and under budget
    • Implemented and trained 28 staff in Fiji’s first structured Watersports Safety program

    July 2003 – November 2003: Business Management Consultant, Beqa Adventure Divers, Fiji – Contracted to develop the Business plan for a new dive centre as a specialist shark feeding operation
    • Developed and implemented business plan and 5 year budget projection for dive centre within time and budget

  • Dr George Carter is a Research Fellow at the Department of Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University (ANU). He is also the Director for the ANU Pacific Institute a large network hub of scholars in the university - connecting and promoting Pacific research, teaching and training at the university.

    The broad focus of George’s research interest explores Pacific island peoples’ and states influence and agency in international and regional politics. His research interests explore international politics of (negotiations, security, gender, finance, justice, science and traditional knowledge) climate change, geopolitics and regionalism(s), as well as the foreign policy and diplomacies of small island states in the Pacific. Furthermore, he is interested in indigenous philosophy and non-western international relations that focus on the longstanding history, practices, protocols and principles of Pacific political communities, contributing to Oceanic Diplomacy.

    He has undertaken research in multilateral forums including climate change, security, ocean, sustainable development negotiations, as well as in regional organisations and national governments across the Pacific. George teaches university and executive courses in international relations, diplomacy, security, environment and climate change, policy, cultural communication, and Pacific studies.

    His research and teaching interests are informed by his education, work experience in the Pacific and upbringing through his proud Samoan Tuvaluan, i-Kiribati, Chinese, British ancestry. He serves his family and communities in Samoa, where he holds the matai/chiefly title of Salā.

  • Graphic design specialist. 30 years experience designing a wide range of technical, education and outreach materials, in print and online, to enhance the communication of environmental concerns throughout the Pacific and further afield.

  • Ruth is a climate change, environment and international development professional, with a particular focus on climate resilience, adaptation planning, and climate finance readiness. She has 9 years’ experience providing policy research, analysis, implementation and project/programme management in these fields, working extensively with a range of donors/international development partners and national governments worldwide. Ruth's recent assignments have included supporting countries with INDCs, capacity building support, contributing to the evaluation of EU adaptation strategy implementation and leading inputs to the EU’s 7th national communications.
    Prior to joining Ricardo, Ruth was Climate Finance Adviser for the Commonwealth, where she designed and led a work programme on climate finance readiness and resilience, focusing on improving the access, use and delivery of climate finance for small and vulnerable member states, including the Commonwealth Climate Finance Skills Hub proposal.

  • I am a lawyer by profession and is currently the People’s Lawyer for Tuvalu. I holds a Master of Law in Government and Regulation from the Australia National University, Professional Diploma in Legal Drafting (PDLD), Professional Diploma in Legal Practice (PDLP) and BA/LLB degree from University of the South Pacific .

    I have been practiced as a lawyer in Tuvalu for more than 10 years. For 6 years, I worked as a government lawyer in the Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) of Tuvalu and then as the People’s Lawyer in the Office of the People’s Lawyer (OPL).

    In the OAG, I worked as a government litigator, prosecutor, legal drafter and represented the Government in national and international conferences.

    As the People’s Lawyer I became both the public solicitor and defender and also managed the OPL. I involved in alternative dispute resolution settlements and work directly with the people. I also conducted public education and awareness for the people and capacity building for OPL staff.

  • I have worked in the field of environment for over 15 years started
    1997-2004 worked for the Government of Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Principal Capacity Building Officer), lead environmental trainings, awareness and communication programmes
    2004-2008 UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme Manager (Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau) covering 5 GEF Focal Areas of Biodiversity, Climate Change and Adaptation, International Waters, Land Degradation, and Persistent Organic Pollutants. Worked with grassroot level with Civil Society Groups (village communities, NGOs, Women, Youth, Faith Based Groups)
    late 2008 - 2016 Conservation International from 2008-2013 I worked as the Regional Programme Manager for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (22 PICs), 2013- 2016 Terrestrial Director worked in Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Biodiversity Conservation Management;
    mid 2016 to present - Consultant World Bank Project - PPCR Enhancing Community Resilience.

  • Meteorology
    Australian Bureau of Meteorology (on pre- retirement leave)

    • 23 years at the Fiji Meteorological Service (FMS)
    o Director, FMS
    o Manager, Nadi Regional Cyclone Warning Centre
    o Head, Climatology Division

    • 26 years’ experience as Supervisor, International Affairs, coordinating Bureau of Meteorology’s international affairs, focussed on the Pacific Islands in close association with SPREP & WMO

    • Permanent Representative of Fiji with WMO

    • Chair, WMO Regional Association (RA) V Tropical Cyclone Committee for the South Pacific and the South-east Indian Ocean, 1985-1990

    • Vice-President, WMO RA V, 1989 - 1990

    • Regional Coordinator, UNDP/WMO Regional Project - Support to the Tropical Cyclone Programme in the South Pacific 1987-1990

    • Member, U N Ad-Hoc Expert Group on the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) 1988 -1989

    • Team Leader of project: A Needs Analysis for the Strengthening of Pacific Meteorological Services – Meeting the Challenges, 2000

    • Author, Kiribati Meteorological Strategy 2014-19

  • Nimbus Environmental Services (NES) is a multi-discipline, environmental/engineering consulting firm, providing technical assistance to Pacific Islands Countries and Territories (PICTs). NES is a Hawaii-based, licensed and insured, Women's/Small Business. NES personnel have provided services to PICTs since 1986. Areas of expertise include: Water Quality Assessments/Monitoring; Environmental Impact Assessments; Site Remediation Design and Management; Laboratory Performance Audits, Training, and Certification (US EPA standards); Water/Wastewater System Performance Audits; Regulatory Compliance Assistance; Engineering Reviews for Infrastructure Development; Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives; Training for Local Capacity Building. Our understanding of the challenges faced by Pacific Islands jurisdictions is broad-based. We combine high quality services, modest rates, and flexibility, to deliver technical assistance that best meets the needs of decision-makers and leaders.